The Garrison Files Release Page

The files are now being released in videos on my YouTube channel in The Garrison Files playlist . Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel and make sure notifications are turned on to get alerts when we post new videos. The files released in the videos will be available for download on this page which you can bookmark. 

I am making them available for everyone and I only ask that you link to my YouTube channel and credit my site as the source. I am giving them to the world and showing a little love is not asking too much!

If you share the files,  please link to my website instead of only sharing the files link or files. I appreciate it… and instead of asking for Patreon donations, people will see my book or documentary on my website and maybe buy one.

Thank you!

Release 1: The Clay Shaw documents

Jim Garrison’s titanic truths about Clay Shaw..sunk by the Federal government & the Corporate Media. Just the beginning..of the end of their lies!!

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Release 2: The Lee Harvey Oswald documents

‘Although proven innocent of murdering JFK, Garrison’s Oswald files contain startling material!’

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Release 3: The David Ferrie documents

‘To me the most astonishing new information yet of the files released so far, is the 84 pages of the “Death of Ferrie” file!’

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Release 4: The David Ferrie files part 2

‘More startling new information from Jim Garrisons David Ferrie files. Stay tuned for the next release of the Fred Chrisman files, coming soon!’

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Release 5: The Fred Lee Crisman files

‘After Clay Shaw and David Ferrie the man Jim Garrison wanted the most was Fred Lee Crisman’

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Release 6: The Richard Nagel Files

‘Jim Garrison said the most important witness he could find to help get to the bottom of the murder of President John F. Kennedy was Richard Case Nagel.’

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